#19: ChrisXMatt | The Wrong Warp

I thought I was done getting my mind blown, and then BAM. This episode occurs. I meet ChrisXMatt for the first time and we discover that we have had incredibly similar journeys so far. I mean, really. Synchronicity after Synchronicity after Synchronicity. If you catch the video version on FB or Bitchute, you will see that we both have 33s in the frame. We talk about not putting labels on things, the possibility that we all might just be talking in circles, our respective podcast journeys and MUCH, MUCH MORE. Thank you and much love to ChrisXMatt. This episode is a ton of fun and we did an addition hour in The One-Up Club. 


Find ChrisXMatt everywhere he is with this link: https://linktr.ee/chrisxmatt  or simply search for CHRISPIRACY or Overly Blunt Podcast in your favorite podcast app.


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