#28: Spicy Human Vibration | The Wrong Warp

What a joy it was, being reunited with Human Vibe! I start the show off filling you in on the new changes! We talk about how we render as we go and I even dig away at the true origins of Human Vibe. We talk about how curiosity is innocent. We talk about how money is just energy. We talk about how words are all made to be confusing, on purpose. In a Revelation of The Method type of way. We talk about soft-locking in video games. We talk about how creepily sexualized this reality is & how a ton of porn is fake. You've most likely jacked to CGI. We cover WAAAAAY more than what I mentioned here. You'll hear about it in the intro, but you get a free After Show! If you like what you are hearing, consider joining The One-Up Club for $5 a month! You'll always have something to listen to. THANK YOU HUMAN VIBE!

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