#39: Sammy Kellie | The Wrong Warp

It was a pleasure speaking with Sammy. Sammy is a man from Australia who we met in our Facebook group. He has a group called Enoch 1 Flat Square Earth. Regardless of what you think of Sammy or his understanding of the world, more people should be like him. Sammy trusts what he has tested for himself. That's all he trusts. We cover so much stuff, essentially picking his brain. Sammy is a gritty loner like me and I'm happy that he exists. HUGE thank you to Sammy. Please join The Minus World at BuyMeACoffee.com/TheWrongWarp, as the episode before this one is my favorite that I've ever done. It's only $5 a month, you get no ads and no bullshit. Just me rambling on & on, into the night, forever. Plus, you get the entire bonus archive, currently which is over 40 (exclusive) episodes of The Wrong Warp Do you know how to build websites? I need help. 

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