#55: Sea Terms | The Wrong Warp

We start off checking out some stuff sent in, showing us that orgasms are energetic & can very well extend your life. Then you listen to a clip from the late-great Norm Macdonald. THEN, we take splash into the concept of Admiralty law or maritime law & how a huge number of our legal terms are also sea-terms. Also how we are corporations. We look into the possibility of tectonic plates shifting. We briefly talk about collapse & how I think people who react angerly to things are either lying or crazy. We check out someone's claim that they have been into this giant place inside the Earth. We check out some offensive commercials from the 40's. We wrap up talking about how you must willingly consent to pretty much anything. Thank you for listening. I've put up a The Minus World episode for free this week, just in case you're skeptical about joining. Check it out over at TheWrongWarp.com/Secret

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