#57: Thy Blame Game | The Wrong Warp

I had a wonderful time with this episode. I decided to go in with no plan, raw dogging it. I'm just over conspiracies man. I don't care. Even spirituality, while valuable, means very little to me right now. I wanted to give you my versions of "the truth".  Things went good. I TRY to stay on track, telling you why I hate every conspiracy anymore. I talk about growing up in church & we learn the word 'belongingness'. (great word by the way). I TRY to explain that in order to get whatever it is that you want right now, you NEED things to keep going how they are going. I talk about how I really think the observation of something actually does affect it. I give my sleight talk on the whole color/colour thing. I give you my personal take on OnlyFans. We listen to a couple clips near the end, but overall this episode is chill. I'm still molding the direction I wanna go in, so I'm gonna keep playing around like this until we figure out the formula for the best version of The Wrong Warp. 

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