#58: Cuckerberg | The Wrong Warp

A SPOOKY DOUBLE EPISODE? You know ol Ketsuban has your back. The first episode is from Halloween night & the second episode is from a couple nights before. We come in hot with Zuckerberg coverage & then talk for a sec about a cancelled game that Kanye was making about his mom. We then do the first edition of a new cringe song of the week segment. I then announce the new show changes that I hope you're happy about! I then tell you about a disgusting trend that I just learned about. We then take a dive into some audio of (allegedly) the cousin of an extremely famous comedian, who claims that the comedian has been murked & cloned. Wild stuff. I talk for a bit about how I don't understand how well everyone universally is at driving. Then we get into some Will Smith coverage! Very sad stuff there. We then transition into episode number two. I did this episode in a Luigi costume & sacrificed all of my dignity just for you. We start briefly talking about an alien queen seed bank theory. I talk about how I intentionally blend in with normies because that's what works for me. I then talk about what I interpret as a "crisis of faith". We then get into some Kodak Black coverage about the extremely weird thing he did with his mom. We then try to learn a bit about mudras to try to understand a picture of James Gunn who I mistakenly thought was directing the movie that Alec Baldwin was recently involved in. I then introduce you to a disturbing Youtuber who may or may not be on the brink of death. We then fully expose MGK by playing a clip of him from like 2008 saying something VERY disturbing.  inappropriate. Finally, I introduce you to someone know as an "e-girl" who is not doing very good in the public eye right now. To the point that I don't want her name to be in this description.  Thanks for listening!

Video Version of the 1st episode is available at TheWrongWarp.com & The 2nd episode is available in The Minus World.  

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