#64: The Throat Goat | The Wrong Warp

We start off with a short intro about cell phones faking the moon & somebody "bigger than me" who I exposed on Twitter. I struggle to care about things. We take a deep dive into a famous old rapper's secret that isn't a secret that I never knew. Plus we look at his wife. We look at this weird castration concept that I've only ever heard of on one show. Did MJ have it done to him? Blankets are also a method of concealment. We then look into Antarctica a little bit & all these wild islands. Everything is just to keep you busy and never think for yourself. I'm still searching for something, maybe on a wild goose chase. Was Nancy Reagan the Throat Goat? Just say no. We then watch a video of an ugly, cracked out lady give blowjob advice. She's wild. All we eat is sugar. We then watch a much shitter video about sex and autism. We look at some old plauges & the fall of Rome a little bit. I LOVE YOU. I know it's a nonsense ritual, but Merry Christmas. Hope you have a great week.

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