#65: A Merry Cult Christmas | The Wrong Warp

Growing up in church. Who does America worship? Be happy. We look at some previously private military footage about Thule & then some more tapes from that archive. We take a look at a cult that I covered a long time ago. With new eyes, the whole things seems different. No teeth blowskies. We then take a look at one of the biggest children entertainers in the world and his DARK past. We check out this ex cop who teaches you how to not get caught with crime. Don't let people talk you into things. We take another look at Saturnalia, the possible origins of Christmas. I touch on this shitty old shock entertainer that one of the biggest music companies is trying to hide. We listen to a song about how all president is/we're super gay. If you're with me, then I'm with you. Fuck the rest of the world. 

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