#66: Space’s Great Grace | The Wrong Warp

We talk about balls & rituals. Like New Year's & Olympics. Snake Oil & CBD. We check out two things that were completely cancelled because of Sept 11th. We cover Betty White & The Queen. Is everybody fooled or are they full of shit? We talk more about Thule & learn that it has been a thing for a long time + we learn who owns it now & what it's even for. We look into the known Space Force & the one that's been around since 1982. We watch a deleted scene from a disclosure movie. Evidently, it's just a known, accepted thing that a UFO once appeared over The White House in 1952. Just like in that movie Independence Day. We listen to some extremely bad, BUT artistic music. I can't ever remember to try to be funny. We cover Alex Jones & the supplements he & Rogan hawk. We look at Buzz Lightyear's logo & how similar it is to America's Space Command logo. We learn a bit about where last names came from. We then revisit the New World Map that we keep running into. We watch some new coverage about the image or the rather the concept of the image & I give you my opinion of what this weird ass image means. We remember how this is a dream. We look at how shitty some new viral guys are. We catch up on our favorite E-girl & discuss her chronic narcissism. All of this + way more. 

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