#82: Sun Stalking | The Wrong Warp

Welcome to The Wrong Warp. We start off with my own heartburn conspiracy. Everything is still a scam. Bad people are usually really nice to me. People love to be pandered to. We check out a very poorly executed robbery. Content keeps you content - Ketsuban. Most conspiracy shows RELY on the world being fucked up, so they can sell you a show. Vin Diesel is a huge faker. Aaron C. is going to box a c-list, washed up rapper & we hear him talk his shit. We check out a video of a woman allegedly being stalked by the sun. People are very open with their hate against Mexicans. There's a portal open above the white house? Hiccups. MGK & Megan Fox openly admit to drinking each other's blood. All this & more! (Check out the video version free at TheWrongWarp.com)

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