#88: Attention Suspension | The Wrong Warp

It's been a while! I explain to you my absence. We talk idealism/materialism + more with Nude Emperor in the chat. Science denies your senses. You gotta teach your kids what the fake world is first. I shout out everybody supporting the show. Colt nails it, noticing multiple checkerboards around MGK. We look at how feminine MGK is & how weak & shitty he is. We look at a recreation of the famous gangbang meme, featuring Elon M. The political cults. NPCs are good & you need them. Wouldn't you rather fail doing something cool? We revisit one of the biggest children's entertainers & his gross past. Everything is designed for you to pay attention to it. Ego. We observe Aaron C. reading hate mail that rings true + he invited my on his live stream, only to hang up & block me like a coward. He collects Beanie Babies. 

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